INFOGRAPHIC : The Big Business Of Apple

Posted: August 31, 2012 in History

The fact that Apple is rolling in mountains of cash is hardly a newsflash. Just weeks away from bankruptcy15 years ago, it is now the most valuable company in the world with revenues that could sustain small nations or help to wipe out the US national debt. But you may be shocked to learn the extent to which Apple is rolling in the Benjamins.  Even I did a double-take when this infographic claimed that Apple’s profits in the last 6 months were close to $ 30 billion.  I had to double-check the figure with Apple’s Press Office on their website and indeed the figure is correct.  That is just stunning.

Figures like that put them ahead of Google and Microsoft, and it’s all down to 2 devices – the iPhone and the iPad.  These two babies sell like the proverbial hotcakes and they are literally banknote printing machines for Cupertino. However, can they keep up this relentless pace? Will iPhones and iPads continue to fly out of shop doors or will demand eventually dry up?  That is our question to you today for the comments.  Is the flow of money unstoppable for Apple or will the well eventually run dry?

Big Business of Apple

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