Microsoft talks about new table features in Word 2013

Posted: September 1, 2012 in Gadgets, Geek Stuff, Op. Systems

Microsoft has been offering more information about Word 2013 over the past several weeks, including a recent article about how the next version of the popular word processing program handles revisions and comments. This week, the company reveals how Word 2013 handles the creation of tables in its documents.

In a post on the official Word blog, Microsoft says that users who want to add new columns and rows to tables in Word 2013 can do so with its new insert controls. They can show up outside any table between two existing columns or rows. Microsoft says, “Just click on it when it appears, and a new column or row will be inserted at that location.”

Microsoft has also made changes to the table styles gallery in Word 2013. It now allows for users to quickly pick table styles based on either list or grid designs. For people who want to adjust their lists, Microsoft has put in two more features. One is the Border Painter. Microsoft says, “Just choose your formatting, then with the Border Painter active, click on any table border to apply the formatting. You can also click and drag your mouse to apply the formatting to a whole line.”

The other new feature is the Borders Gallery, shown above. Microsoft says, “This gallery combines border widths, colors, and sizes so you choose everything with one click. Just like table styles, they will change color if you change your theme so they always match.”

Source: Official Word blog | Image via Microsoft


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