iOS 6 Could Bring iBooks To Apple TV

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Gadgets, Geek Stuff

Today probably we have got for you some great news for Apple TV users, a new notification message appeared in the latest beta of iOS 6 for Apple TV which suggests that support for iBooks may be coming to Apple’s set-top box. The folks at AppleInisder discovered this notification after downloading an e-book from Apple’s iBookstore an Apple TV tied to the same iTunes account will present users with a notification. The notification message says that the Apple TV attempted to automatically download the iBooks content, but it could not be accessed because the device does not have the necessary software installed.

While it’s unlikely many people would read an e-book on their television screen, iBooks 2.0introduced the concept of turning lifeless textbooks into interactive applications. Along with full-throated support from late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, interactive textbooks have gained government endorsements from US President Obama, the Department of Education and the Federal Communications Commission.

Other iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad, will also receive a similar error message from iTunes. But those devices have access to the App Store and can download the iBooks application for automatic downloads of content, while the Apple TV cannot.

Adding iBooks to Apple TV will breath a new life into the device because a lot of Apple TV users are really in a need for it.

What do you think? Will Apple TV become a big hit on campus? Or, is the error message just a bug needing squashing?


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