Use Event Invitations in iOS & OS X to Solidify Times, Meetings, & Dates

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Gadgets, Geek Stuff, Social Media

Use Event Invitations for iOS and OS X

Event Invitations are one of the best features of Calendars in iOS and OS X, and if you aren’t using them yet to confirm the time and dates of meetings and events with people you should start now. Once an invitation is sent, it comes through as an alert to the recipient, and they can either confirm the event time or suggest a different one. It’s probably the easiest way to help manage busy schedules, so here’s how to send out invitations from the Mac and on any iOS device:

Sending Event Invitations from iPhone & iPad

  • Launch Calendar
  • Create a new event or tap an existing one and Edit the event
  • Tap the “Invitees” button and search for the person(s) you want to invite to the event

Going back to the event you will see a list of people who have confirmed the invite, or those who haven’t yet responded to the invitation yet.

Invite people to events on iPhone and iPad from Calendars

Inviting People to Events from Mac OS X

  • Launch Calendar (or iCal if you’re pre-10.8)
  • Create or Edit an existing event and click “Add Invitees”
  • Type the name of the person(s) to invite, click “Done” when finished and to send out the invites

You’ll also find an additional option under the invitee list called “Available Meeting Times” which provides a timeline based on when the recipient is available. If they share a calendar with you everything will be visible, otherwise just suggested meeting times will be visible.

Invite people to events in Calendar from Mac OS X

As usual, all of these dates and times will sync automatically between your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac OS X calendars as long as you have iCloud set up properly.

The only potential downside to Calendar invitations? There will be no excuses for anyone to forget an event, be it date nights or those boring Thursday morning meetings. 


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