Windows Phone 8 Nokia 920 Launched: Has 4.5-inch, Wireless Charging, PureView Camera

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Gadgets, Geek Stuff

Just as we were expecting, Nokia has launched the 920 model from the Lumia range with a 4.5 inch display, Fat Boy wireless charging pad, PureView camera and, of course, Windows Phone 8. Thus, Nokia 920 becomes the second smartphone with Windows Phone 8 inside, after Samsung ATIV S, launched at the IFA convention in Berlin. Right now, we know that it will be available in White, Black, Yellow, Red and Gray, quite a delight for diversity lovers.

Nokia 920 launched, another soldier to wear the Windows Phone 8 gonfalon

In the official presentation, Nokia 920 was presented with a quite smoothly working Windows Phone 8 platform, let’s see if the first reviews will confirm this. Nokia 920′s PureView camera is something unique as it has a never-seen-before 8.7 MP sensor. The specs won’t set your world on fire, but empiric observation has it that Windows Phone 8 might not be such resource-hungry like other mobile operating systems.

Inside, we can find a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, that seems to currently be the top processor in the latest released smartphones (let’s see if iPhone 5 can outwit that). A 2,000 mAh battery is advertised as being enough to keep you running for an entire day. Also, the RAM for Nokia Lumia 920 didn’t jump the 1 GB fence. It has a microUSB and a headphone jack, as well. But let’s get back to the camera…

Impressive camera to carry on the PureView legacy

What makes it special, as I’ve previosuly assumed, is the PureView branding and technology behind it. While some might argue that this is just a marketing flick, Microsoft’s Jo Harlow calls this camera present on the Lumia 920 – the “best smartphone camera”. Nokia 920 has  the ability to play PureMotion HD+, which the same Harlow refers to as “better than HD resolution.” We can also find the ClearBlack technology, and thanks to it, Nokia’s first Windows Phone 8 smartphone can detect ambient light and adjust  to brightness and color in order to enhance the quality of pictures. Also, Nokia has added the “Floating Lens” image stabilization technology and Carl Zeiss optics.

An important selling point for the Lumia 920 is Qi wireless charging standard and the “Fatboy” charging pillow. So, it seems that Samsung Galaxy S3 got a competitor for its wireless charging ability. An interesting software side for Nokia Lumia 920 is the CityLens feature, which is Nokia’s own augmented reality browser. Just point your Nokia’s camera towards a restaurant or a street, and it will display you all the available details about it! Also, Nokia has introduced the offline mode for its Nokia Maps application.

Nokia Lumia 920 accessories make it perfect for music lovers

Anothering interesting feature of Nokia Lumia 920 is the super sensitive touch technology. This means that you can touch its display even with gloves! You might find it weird, but think about those that live in the northern parts of Canada, USA, Russia and so on. It won’t seem to weird to them, but very helpful. Nokia’s officials have highlighted again that the screen in Nokia 920 is very resistant, and the glass used is stronger than the one found in Nokia Lumia 900.

Nokia 920 isn’t short on accessories, too. After the Fatboy wireless charging pad, comes the JBL Power Up speaker, which right now comes in blue and seems to have quite a lot of power in it. Good news for cord haters – this babe also has NFC inside, so you will be able to stream your music, for example, to this speaker withouth using any plugs at all! Also, there are some JBL headphones launched too, and yes, they also carry that toy-ish look!


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