Your Guide To Google Analytics

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Geek Stuff, Social Media


Do you own a website or a blog? If so, do you have any idea how many visitors you get each day? And even if you’ve installed a counter and you’ve figured out how to gauge your traffic, do you have any idea where your visitors are coming from, what browsers most of them use, what search engines they use, or which of your pages is the most popular?

These are the things that Google Analytics can do for you. Want to learn more? Download “Your Guide To Google Analytics” by Ryan Dube a staff writer at MakeUseOf and the mind behind Ryan’s insightful guide into everything you need to know about Google Analytics explains everything you need to know about the web’s top reader tracking service.

Since Google remains the largest search engine on the Internet, and since the vast majority of your website traffic probably comes from Google, Analytics remains the most accurate and effective tool available to track your website traffic and reader demographics.

The guide is very easy to follow and shows you everything you need to know using annotated screenshots. You will learn the basics of setting up Google Analytics for your site, where all the important data can be found and how to interpret that data to make sense of your site statistics. Google Analytics is not at all that complicated once you start digging into how it is organized, and where to find the information you’re looking for.

You will learn how to access to all of the following details about your website:

  •  A high-level view of how many individual people have visited your site and how many pages they viewed
  • Where your site visitors live and what languages they speak
  • How visitors interacted with your website
  • The technology the visitors used to access your site
  • Other websites that are sending traffic your way
  • The most popular pages on your site
  • The many different ways people are reaching your site through search engi

How To Download

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