Gmail App For iOS Gets Updated Bringing The Ability To Open Links In Chrome

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Gadgets, Geek Stuff

Today Gmail native app gets a new minor updated to a newer version which is 1.3.1 bringing some new features to your iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch. This new update will makes the Gmail app runs much more smoother and more importantly, it can now open links in the Chrome browser. But here remains one question: What’s next ?!

For those who don’t know, Gmail is the third app in which Google update it bringing the ability to open any links URL in Google Chrome web browser, Gmail, Sparrow, Google+, so what’s next ?!

As noted by TheNextWeb’s Matthew Panzarino, it seems as though Google has made its own workaround to Apple’s rule that users cannot make a third-party browser the default in iOS. And it may be more than that. With 20+ apps in the App Store, Google may be building its own sub-OS on Apple’s platform.

Think about it. Google has an email client, a messaging and VOIP client, a search app and a web browser in the App Store. And when you add in the expected YouTube and Google Maps applications, Google will have most of the core apps on iOS covered. Now imagine if they all started talking to each other.

And probably we will see Google adding the feature to open links in Chrome at Google Maps.. Anyway if you are interested in this feature and more you can grab Gmail app for free from the App Store..


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