iGallery Brings The Famed iPhone Photos App To Your Android Device

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Gadgets, Geek Stuff


Because of just how many liberties Android offers before you even root your phone, apps that replace built-in functionality like the keyboard, launcher, and our category of interest today, the gallery app are very popular. We’ve covered a good variety of high quality gallery replacements over the last few months, and we’ve come across another interesting gallery app today called iGallery. Check it out after the jump.

As you can probably tell by its name, iGallery is a gallery app that is, let’s just say, inspired by the gallery app on the iPhone (known as Photos app).

iGallery looks and works almost exactly like the iPhone app. You get the same UI with square thumbnails in preview mode that you can scroll through vertically, the recognizable Share button that lets you crop, set as wallpaper etc., and the navigation buttons on the top left. The developer left no stone unturned in mimicking the iPhone app’s looks, and to a certain extent, its features.

Of course, Android’s Holo theme does make its way through in areas like the Settings menu from where you can adjust sorting method of the photos, whether you want to delete images without confirming or not, the slideshow transitions, and more.

As with every other gallery app, you can choose to replace it as your Gallery app without any compatibility issues.


The app is unpolished in certain areas, but that’s why it is called version 1.0. Users are reporting regular force closes, the UI has areas where the text is really difficult to read, and there are multiple spelling / grammatical errors throughout the app.

According to the developer, this isn’t a project they are finished with yet, as they are already working on version 1.2. Picasa integration, theme support, support for Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean is on the way.


Those of you who wish to use the app will first have to enable Unknown sources from Settings > Applications, then download the APK file from the official thread and install it normally.

I highly recommend you check out Scalado Album and QuickPic for a more polished photo viewing experience.

(Source: iGallery for Android on XDA-Developers)


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