Tweak Your Photos to Perfection With Perfectly Clear

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Gadgets, Geek Stuff

Any android user knows the joys of taking pictures with their phone. As a matter of fact, many people don’t even carry regular point-and-shoot cameras with them anymore because phone cameras have improved so much in the last few years, not to mention the added value of having the ability to quickly and easily enhance those photos before they even leave the phone.

A good app for auto-enhancing then quickly and easily tweaking those enhancements is a gem when it’s found. One such gem is the Perfectly Clear app that offers all these options along with sharing or saving your photos like a champ.



Since many camera apps already have auto-fix or auto-enhance features built right in, you might be asking why you should spend money and install another app that does the same. Well, you may just be impressed with how well Perfectly Clear works. Test it for yourself and see. It has this really cool slider showing the difference between the original photo and what it’ll look like enhanced.

Perfectly Clear - autocorrect

Perfectly Clear – auto correct

As you can see in the example above, the auto-correction really helps the photo to “pop.” Later in the article, I’ll post the whole photo so you can get a better feel for the results.

Bulk Enhancing

Perfectly Clear allows you to select a whole group of photos to enhance at once. Imagine how much time this type of bulk operation can save you! All it takes is a drag-and-drop action. While you’re selecting pictures to get fixed up, just long-press and drag them to the bottom of the window. They’ll stay there nicely until you continue on to the fixing.

Tweak the Results

We all know that even the best auto-correction options out there don’t always get the job done right for every picture you throw at them. Even if the results are nice, there still might be some tweaks you’d like to add. This manual editing is another reason why Perfectly Clear is such a nifty auto-correcting app.

Perfectly Clear - tweaks

Perfectly Clear – tweaks

Check out the left-hand column for some tweaking options. Pressing the blue button next to that column will also give you more options for editing. You’ll notice that some of the tweak buttons have a tiny gold corner. Unfortunately, these are only available if you pay extra to unlock them. However, the options that come with the original app might be quite enough on their own.


Perfectly Clear comes with some important settings that you’re free to fiddle with. First on the list is the ability to change the output size of the finished photograph. The sizes range from what it calls “quick share” (640×480 pixels) all the way to “optimized” (2048×1535 pixels), and also including the original image’s size. You can even enter customized dimensions if you want.

Perfectly Clear - settings menu

Perfectly Clear – settings menu

Within the settings menu, you can also change the export location as well as enter your Facebook and Twitter credentials for easier sharing on those social networks.

It Is Always Nice to Share

When you’re finished with tweaking the settings and you’re satisfied with what you can see of the results, you can now share your enhanced photograph. Think about it, what’s the point of working on making your photos look better if you can’t share them?

Perfectly Clear - sharing options

Perfectly Clear – sharing options

Perfectly clear gives the option to share the photograph on Twitter, Facebook, through email, or you can save it locally. The latter is well thought-out since it keeps the original photo and creates the enhanced one in a dedicated folder in your albums.

Pros & Cons

Perfectly Clear is very good at auto-correcting your photos, even in bulk, in a very simple way. Even tweaking the results is quick and easy to do.

However, working on a small handset’s screen, it was a little difficult to see changes being made through the tweaks. Perhaps it would be easier on a tablet, but in all cases, having the ability to zoom in on the photograph would be a very welcome addition. Also in my opinion, although Perfectly Clear is quite inexpensive, it’s a paid app so it was disappointing to see some features that I need to pay even more in order to use.

The pros seem to outweigh the cons in an easy to use app like Perfectly Clear. Since the price is a mere $0.99, you really can’t complain too much about them.


Perfectly Clear ends up being a pretty top-notch auto-correcting photo app. The results are usually stunning and having the ability to tweak to perfection is very helpful. Below is an example of a photo of my wife that I enhanced with the app. At this size it may be difficult to get the full experience of the enhancements but you can still see how the photo was generally made brighter or even “poppier.” It’s important to acknowledge that I didn’t do a lot of manual tweaking so this is pretty much the result of the default auto-correction at work.

Perfectly Clear - before

Perfectly Clear – before

Perfectly Clear - results

Perfectly Clear – results

All in all, auto-correcting your photographs is a really good ability to have, especially in bulk for those of us who take a lot of photos with our Android cameras, and Perfectly Clear is a great tool for that.


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