Important resume tips for web designers

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Geek Stuff
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Resume Tips for Web Designers

The work of a web designer is very interesting because it has a combination of good creativity and needs good knowledge to succeed in this work. Mere education on other things is not that effective here. What you know about the work and the unique creativity is all that matters. In such a case you might be in confusion as to how your resume should look when you are applying for a job. Resume tips for web designers is something that needs attention because there are certain things which you have to add and edit than the normal resume which you offer at any other job.


Many people may have different kinds of opinion as to how they would approach with the resume but on a whole they should cover some of the important points. Here are some of the resume tips for web designers:

  • The first thing that you should do is select a proper format for the resume. This is important because it maintains that professionalism which the companies want.
  • When you are done with the format you must add the basic information such as full name, contact details and the email id.
  • Next you must give a very brief description as to which area you excel in and what are your expertise. You can also include about why you want to be in such a position and what exactly you want from the job.
  • If you are an experienced worker then you must give the details of your work and what roles you played in the other company. You should highlight the point if you were involved in some kind of project. This gives a good impression on the person taking your interview.
  • Since you will be applying as a web designer you can bring along a CD that has some of your best works. You can either send this with the resume or you can bring it with you but it is wise to send it with the resume so that the person can see it before you arrive. If you bring it along with you then there may not be any time to see what is there in the CD.
  • There are people who have previously worked as a freelance web designer but now they want a full time job for the same. In that case it is important that they mention their experience and expertise for the self employed job. It would be better if they send a copy of their CD or support their work with few links.
  • While talking about resume tips for web designers it should be mentioned that the font of the resume matters because you are applying for a post of web designer and therefore mere Times New Roman or Arial will not do. You can choose Georgia which is elegant and simple.
  • When you are ending your resume it is important that you add a few references so that the employer will be convinced about your value and reliability.

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