Teed Is A Powerful And Elegant App For iOS Which Lets You Separate Your To-Do Lists By Project

Posted: October 10, 2012 in Geek Stuff
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TeedIconThe App Store is currently awash with productivity and to-do list apps that attempt to inject a little bit of organization into our hectic lives. Although pretty much built with the same goal in mind – to increase productivity – they all go about accomplishing the task in their own unique way. The Teed app has recently been updated to the all important version 2.0 and offers powerful to-do list management features in a simple interface that breeds familiarity due to its use of standard iOS controls.

The Teed app appears to have been designed and developed for the user who consistently jumps from project to project and has the unfortunate task of having to manage multiple tasks on the go. The functionality within the app makes it relatively easy for users to quickly create folders for different projects and prioritize any important tasks that are associated with that project. If you are anything like me and flick between various working issues during the day then having this organizational ability in a to-do list app is essential.


The app is geared towards helping those who also feel the need to quickly jot down or capture a thought or a piece of information that may be relevant at a later date. The interface makes it as simple as a single button tap to set up a new task, with the task creation interface having the options to add due dates, repeat settings and location information. Task creators can also tag the task with various keywords as well as assign the task to a specific project to make sure everything is kept in the right places.


The search functionality within the app is extremely simple, powerful and minimal at the same time, but allows keywords to be searched and indexed to pull up relevant tasks easily. The settings section of Teed also allows customization of the app with the ability to set a passcode, organize folders and choose whether or not the app should present user notifications for approaching or due tasks.


With the to-do list app market being dominated recently by beautiful and gesture driven apps like Clear and Task; it’s nice to see BHI Technologies Inc. moving away from that in favor of producing their own vision. With the version 2.0 update coming after the announcement of the iPhone 5, it would have been nice to see some support for the new hardware.

(Source: Teed for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the App Store).

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