Make Your Website Photos Interactive With Taggstar, And Earn Cash In The Process

Posted: October 13, 2012 in Geek Stuff, Social Media
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Taggstar is a pretty cool little service that recently launched, making it easy to make photos on your site a little bit more interactive, and could also earn you a bit of cash in the process. Rather than just depend on sharing images with your site visitors, you can turn your images into monetization or educational tools using Taggstar. To find out how, read on.

Taggstar is compatible with WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and pretty much any site that allows you to paste a little bit of code into your site.

With WordPress, you can download a handy plugin that makes installing the service on your site easier than ever. Blogger also offers an easy-to-use auto-install option that takes the hard work out of installing.

Even if you’re using Tumblr or any other site, it’s simply a matter of knowing where to paste the code, and Taggstar gives you detailed instructions on how to do it regardless of what your platform is.

Creating Tags

Once you’ve installed Taggstar on your site, to create tags on your photos, simply upload a photo the way you normally would. If you can preview a photo before publishing it, you can simply use the preview mode to get your tags set up exactly the way you want your visitors to view them.

When previewing a photo, hover over the image, and you’ll see your Taggstar menu, where you can add tags, as well as share the image, or a tag within the image via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest.                               

When it comes to creating actual tags you can include a title, description, location and embed video or additional images within the tag. You can also include a ‘Buy’ button with a link to a related item for purchase, or simply a link with more information about something in the image.

Taggstar is incredibly easy to use, with a very straightforward interface. It allows you to add multiple tags to your images, and the tags appear on images as small pink stars.

Why Use Taggstar?

Taggstar is a pretty flexible tool and brings with it a lot of different uses. It’s one of those services which you can use to suit your own personal needs.

Monetization Tool: One of the main uses that Taggstar offers is a way of monetizing your site. By directing users through specifics in your photos to an online store, it becomes a unique and interactive way of encouraging your visitors to make a purchase. Whether you’re a designer, a musician, an artist, or just about anything else – you can use Taggstar as an interesting way to sell your products.

Taggstar provides an interesting example of how it can be used if you’re a retailer or fashion designer. Rather than use individual photos for each product, you can turn a visually appealing photo into a mini-store of its own.

Even if you don’t have products of your own to sell, you can still make money off of Taggstar. You can do this by adding affiliate links for products, or you can take advantage of Taggstar’s own monetization tool – but you do have to request access to this feature before getting to try it out.

When uploading an image with products in it, Taggstar should be able to identify the products for you, pull in links to where they can be bought online, and Taggstar will make you some extra cash, without any extra effort on your part.

Entertainment Tool: If you’re a videographer, you can use Taggstar as an interesting way of embedding your videos on your site. Share an interesting still from the video, and embed the video into the image to pull viewers in.

Embedding video can also come in handy if you’re using Taggstar as a monetization tool, by allowing you to embed a video of the product in action.

Educational Tool: Taggstar can be used as an educational tool. You can use it to embed tags with interesting tidbits about items or places in the images. It also becomes an incredibly easy way to add labels to your photo, when creating a tutorial. Embedding videos can come in handy here too.

Interactive Tool: As a photographer if you want to explain the specifics of how you got a shot, or simply want to give a little bit more insight into the photo and why you took it, Taggstar is a great way to do just that. Adding that interactive element will also encourage users to stay on your site a little longer.

It also has the added advantage of allowing you to point to a specific spot in the photo. This can also be particularly useful when sharing an image on Twitter and you don’t have to try to cram the description into 140 characters, instead depending on Taggstar to take care of that for you.

Taggstar is a clean and visually appealing way to do that since it’s subtle, doesn’t distract too much from the image, with the content showing up only when you hover over the pink star. If we had one request, it would be to give users the option of changing the colour of the star since hot pink might not work for everyone. Luckily, according to the service’s FAQ, this is something that’s already in the works.

What do you think of Taggstar? Let us know in the comments.

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