Where Prince Harry likes to party: Boujis opens in Hong Kong

Posted: October 19, 2012 in Entertainment, Fashion


Boujis Hong Kong
The nightclub of A-listers and royals launches its first international branch on Pottinger Street. We probably won’t get in though

Princes and paparazzi, all excited about Boujis.

Boujis, London’s most exclusive nightclub, opens its first international branch tonight in Hong Kong.

It’s the people that make the place and nowhere is this more true than at a nightclub. Boujis’ original spot in London is a modest basement space, relatively non-descript. But the royals and A-list celebs are regularly photographed falling out of Boujis, making it one of the most elite places to party in London. 

Now Boujis is venturing to Asia and they seem unfazed by Hong Kong’s ruthless nightlife scene and fickle clubbers.

“We do not fall into the tourist circuit of must-see places in Hong Kong,” says Sam Jeveons, the general manager of Boujis Hong Kong.

“We have built ourselves for, and dedicate ourselves to, the local social elite who have proven a vested interest in keeping Hong Kong alive with new ventures such as ours.”

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Opening on Pottinger Street in Hong Kong’s Central nightlife district, the latest branch of Boujis will look plush with a British twist.

Timber, cobalt and turquoise are the main themes of the design, with a Union Jack-inspired wall pattern as a shout-out to the club’s London roots.

Jeveons is confident the club will attract the local A-listers with Boujis’ famous informal and discreet atmosphere. As he puts it: “What happens behind our doors will stay behind our doors.”

Unless you’re Prince Harry, whose Champagne spending spree in Boujis was reported in 2010

It only costs HK$7,500 (about US$967) per year for a membership at Boujis, but obtaining one takes a little bit more than just cash.

Jeveons says candidates need recommendations from two existing members, then they have to get past the Boujis Committee, which is made up of “an eclectic mix of artisans” who will screen candidates to make sure the right ones get in. 

There will be no guest list at Boujis, although each member can bring two guests.

A very confident nightlife brand, Boujis’ expansion isn’t without challenges.

“The expectations on Boujis are enormous,” says Jeveons. “The members-only strategy has been tried in many guises before, and although Boujis uniquely promises exclusivity, the success of our brand is often compared to the failings of others.”

He also finds the high expectations of Hong Kong’s jet-set crowd “frightening and delighting” at the same time.

“There is no truer test to success than getting it right in Hong Kong,” says Jeveons.

Boujis is at 37–43 Pottinger St., Central, Hong Kong; +852 2324 0200; www.boujis.com 

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