10 Ways to Speed Up Your Car

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Geek Stuff, Random
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Fed up with poor performance of your vehicle? Willing to spend some decent cash to invigorate that corpse of an automobile? Well here are some sure shot methods to get your car spinning big time.

Air Intakes

Air Intakes 550x415 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Car

Air induction is vital for an efficient and powerful working of your engine. Swapping the factory fitted intakes with a decent after market air induction system will breath new life into your car. There is a wide variety of brands to choose from with varying costs. These systems can be easily installed without much hassle. A good air induction system will put you back by two hundred bucks.

Engine Fan

Fan 550x437 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Car

This a major culprit which gulps down significant horsepower of your engine. This fan is found near the radiator of your car. Its major purpose is to draw air into the radiator to maintain optimum engine temperature and prevent over heating. Replacing this mechanical fan with an electrical one will allow more horsepower for your engine. Again there is a huge variety of such after market fans to choose from. Find the perfect fan for your car and enjoy a more powerful ride.


Fuel Pumps

Fuel pumps 550x412 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Car

Although most modern cars come equipped with an electric fuel pump but a lot of vehicles on the road are fitted with mechanical pump which draws power directly from the crankshaft. Such pumps are also responsible for eating up precious power which can be used by the engine. If you want to save that precious horsepower then get this pump replaced with an electric fuel pump. An electric fuel pump while allowing greater horsepower also results in improved fuel efficiency. But while upgrading to electric fan and fuel pump, you should also keep tabs on your battery and alternator which will bear the extra burden. In some cases the battery and alternator also require up-gradation to fulfill the extra power requirement.

Fuel Injection

Fuel injection 550x412 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Car

Nowadays fuel injection systems have replaced the carburetter that was found in old automobiles. A carburetter was used for providing the air-fuel mixture to the combustion chamber. But these were not very efficient and required consistent service and even rebuilding. In contrast a fuel injection system is a much smarter device requiring virtually no service and allowing a much better mileage for your car. So if you have a rusty old carburetter cranking in your engine, get it replaced with a decent fuel injection system. This electronic injection system will provide a lot of extra horsepower for your vehicle.


carburetor 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Car

If you don’t have the kind of money to replace your carburettor with a fuel injection then their is a more economical method to get more power. Carburettors are available in various variety of different capacities. The simplest way is to replace your carburettor with a more powerful one. For instance going from two barrel to four barrel will do the trick for many. But changing a carburettor will also require change your air induction. This upgrade will cost some buck but your car will get much more horsepower. One more drawback will be of course increased fuel consumption.

Performance Chips

Performance chips 550x380 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Car

This upgrade is for those of you whose cars boast electronic fuel injection systems. Most of the vehicles after 1990s were equipped with fuel injections systems rather than a carburettor. This technique involves the electronic chip installed in the injection system which controls the whole process. These chips are programmed by the manufacturer for optimum performance providing a balance between power and economy. Now a lot of after market performance chips are available which can be used to crank out more power from your engine. You can buy a pre-programmed chip or get a software to program a chip to suit your requirement.


Exhaust System

Car Exhaust 550x408 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Car

As important it is to get air into the engine, it is also important to allow a speedy and efficient exit for the exhaust gases. Over the years exhaust systems of our cars get choked by deposition of carbon in the exhaust channels. This prevents complete removal of exhaust gases from the chamber seriously denting your fuel economy and horsepower. Adding glass packs in place of mufflers doesn’t help this in any way since the outlets are choked right down at the engines. In some cars there are two tailpipes but they join up with one catalytic converter which makes them a mere show off. For lightening exhaust of gases you should go for a true dual exhaust system back up to your engine. This will allow complete removal of carbon dioxide from your engine paving way for a smooth ignition. But this upgrade requires two catalytic converter which are quite expensive so you will have to spend some serious buck. Moreover local laws must also be kept in mind regarding converters and noise levels.


Turbocharger 550x699 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Car

Turbochargers come equipped in diesel engine automobiles but you can also install one in your gasoline ride. The turbocharger uses the momentum of exhaust gases to spin the impeller which is used to compress the incoming fresh air into the engine. This compressed air is fed into the combustion chamber for the much more efficient and powerful ignition. But this bust of power comes with an equally strong price tag. A turbocharger is priced at around the $1000 and it also requires other upgrades to your air induction system. So if you are ready to spend this kind of money then you can really make your car a beast.

Nitrous Oxide System

NOS 550x550 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Car

This is an extreme mod for power hungry riders. A forced induction system can instantly add a whopping 150 horsepower to your car. This system involves addition of an additive to make the air-fuel mixture more explosive. NOS is a company which specializes in nitrous oxide based forced induction system. These system can be installed in all types of automobiles. There are also various methodologies for forced induction which can be selected according to cash availability. But extreme care must be adopted while going for such hardcore upgrades. Specialists must be consulted prior to installation to check the feasibility of such a mod. Too much additive in the air stream can blow your engine to smithereens.


Supercharger 550x412 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Car

Superchargers can be called the big daddy of turbochargers. This is undoubtedly the most outrageous power boost that can be added to an automobile. This mean machine is a vital part of a drag racing car. It can also be observed poking out of the hood of race cars. The aim of a supercharger is the same as a turbocharger : to compress the incoming air. But a supercharger has astonishingly more potential than a turbocharger. There are various varieties of superchargers available in the market with varying performance boost. There are multiple things which must be kept in mind before getting this beast. First and foremost is the cost and it is staggering to say the least. You can a get new engine for the same price. It also involves a host of other upgrades to various engine parts including an opening in the hood. Next are legal issues which need to be addressed before installing a supercharger. These devices are barred for specific breed of cars so be sure to check the local laws. Lastly you should consult a motor specialist to ensure your car can handle the extra horsepower pumped by the supercharger.

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