Makeup tips for the business-formal environment

First impressions start long before you shake the hand of your interviewer or formally introduce yourself to your new coworkers.  In a matter of seconds, people form an opinion about you.  A formal, elegant style can elevate their professional perception of you and appearing disheveled can be wildly injurious.

A well thought out wardrobe is imperative, and so is an understanding of the cosmetics that are appropriate.  Below, we offer some insight on how to create a professional look.

•    The best look for the office is to have a “natural glow.”  Healthy, nourished skin is optimal, so make sure to start off your daily regime with a quality facial wash to clean thoroughly.  A good night’s sleep is just as important.  Next, apply a primer or beauty balm to help minimize pores, blemishes and to create an ideal canvas for foundation.

When applying the liquid foundation, make sure to find a product that  matches closest to your skin tone and can be easily blended – making your entire makeup appear more natural and professional.  Apply subtle blush to your cheeks to add a bit of life, but be careful not to go overboard.  It’s pretty obvious why clown-like cheeks won’t impress your boss.

•    When applying eye makeup, remember that “less is more.”  Eyeliner should be thin and understated.  Your selected eye shadows should be neutral or subtly earthy.  Mascara will help your eyes pop, but be acutely wary of clumping, smearing or flaking – this will cheapen the look.  Go for quality waterproof eye makeup to combat sweat and oil.  Attention-grabbing shimmery colors are to be avoided, as is heavy, dark eye makeup that is only appropriate for the nightlife.

•    Skip over that shimmery blue manicure you love in favor of a matte nail polish especially nude or clear.  If your office environment is more laid-back, consider reddish tints such as coral or cinnamon.  Another necessity for nails is that they look clean.  Chipped nail polish or dirty fingernails is an instant turnoff for clients and anyone else for that matter.

•    Though often overlooked, your eyebrows can easily frame or negatively impact your professional appearance.  A clean brow with a defined shape and is free of stray hairs will help emphasize eyes and make them more expressive.  Consider shading in your eyebrows to fill in small gaps to look more full yet defined.

•    A bright, pearly smile will help any look seem more polished and clean.  Reversely, having badly stained or even worse yet, food stuck between teeth is one quick way for people to notice you – in an unpleasant way.  Luckily, there are certain measures you can take to get a whiter smile.  While a trip to the dentist’s chair for professional whitening can be costly, there are plenty of convenient whitening strips and oral hygiene products that aim to help brighten your smile.

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