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We all know that all Apple devices are having a common issue which is the low volume sound, for example when I try to listen to a music on a my iPhone I realize that the sound is so poor, of course there is a lot of tweaks can increase the volume of your iPhone like VolumeBoost 4.0 tweak and etc.. In this how to guide you will learn how to significantly increase the volume limit on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running any firmware version.




ios 61 (2)


Apple have just officially flipped the switch on the release of iOS 6.0.1 update for their sixth major iteration of the iOS mobile operating system for compatible iPhone, iPod touches and iPads. Users of Apple’s mobile hardware found themselves able to initially benefit from the reported two hundred new features that were bundled into iOS 6 back in September when it first became available. iPhone 5 owners on the other hand had to wait an additional two days to get their hands on iOS 6 when the device launched around the world.


A good notes app should be cosmetically well-designed, with users having the confidence that all their work is constantly being backed up somewhere. Other features, like support for image attachments and audio recordings are bonuses that you will rarely find in one place. NOTE’d for iPhone fulfills all these criteria, offering a perfect combination of useful features and a beautiful interface. You can divide your notes into several notebooks, each with a different theme, attach photos, audio recordings and maps to notes. You can put your important notes under password protection, and everything can be backed up (and restored) to Dropbox with a single tap. 

NOTE'd iOS Notes NOTE'd iOS Photos NOTE'd iOS Recording


iPhone 4S emoticons in Messages and Notes apps.
Screen shots of iPhone 4S emoticons in Messages and Notes apps.
The iPhone 4S emoticons are part of the hidden wonders of iOS 5. This is a built-in feature in iPhone 4S and you only have to enable it to start writing SMS, emails, iMessages, and notes with these fun characters. Emoticons, emoji, smileys – whatever you call them, they are all collectively available in one international keyboard in the iPhone 4S settings . This keyboard is called “Emoji” – a Japanese word for picture characters in text messaging. The Emoji keyboard contains all the iPhone 4S emoticons that you need.


TeedIconThe App Store is currently awash with productivity and to-do list apps that attempt to inject a little bit of organization into our hectic lives. Although pretty much built with the same goal in mind – to increase productivity – they all go about accomplishing the task in their own unique way. The Teed app has recently been updated to the all important version 2.0 and offers powerful to-do list management features in a simple interface that breeds familiarity due to its use of standard iOS controls.




Apps that allow users to quickly and efficiently edit photographs on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch have always been popular offerings in the App Store, and as of this week, there is a new pretender to the throne in the form of the Gridditor app from Tai Shimizu. Gridditor lives within the Photography section and allows users to quickly edit and organize photographs in an attractive interface that manages to throw up some excellent filter combinations.



If you’re a fan of comic books, specifically those of the Marvel variety, 2012 has been a pretty fruitful year in terms of solid app and movie releases. Every month seems to have brought a new movie and / or mobile app, and with The Amazing Spider-Man now showing at all good cinemas, The Amazing Spider-Man Second Screen app has just been released for Apple’s iPad.

An official offering released by Sony Pictures, it allows die-hard fans to checkout the making of The Amazing Spider-Man motion picture. By syncing with a Blu-ray copy of The Amazing Spider-Man, one can enjoy a full second screen experience, and in each week counting down to the actual Blu-ray release of the movie, new content within the app will be unlocked.

Spiderman second screen app iPad